Sketch Al Ula Oasis mud house saudia

Al Ula Oasis House

The oasis of Al Ula is one of a kind, manmade lush green layered with crops, citrus trees and palm trees.
The two constructions are one barn with a large opening topped with a palm trunk and a small house with an inside stair leading to the roof.

Observe the roof parapet structures. Most probably they allow evening winds to cool off the thermal mass of the building.

There is an outdoor sitting block. The sitting area inside the house is lower and therefore the triangular openings are at that height.

Observe the stones reinforcing the door facing the street/mud wall corridor and the detail of stone beside the house door that contains a carved square hole to open the door. 

Also it is interesting the small constructions covered with palm fronds most probably for animals.


TechniqueBlack Indian ink
FormatA5 - 210x148cm Canson 300 gsm
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