Sketch Al Ula Oasis mud house saudia

Al Ula Oasis two houses

The oasis of Al Ula is one of a kind, manmade lush green layered with crops, citrus trees and palm trees.
These two constructions are probably from related families since they are semi-detached.

There are three properties in this sketch: two semi-detached houses and one property at the other side of the corridor. Observe the nice geometric roof parapet structures. Most probably they allow evening winds to cool off the thermal mass of the building.

One house has a direct door to the plantation which means the house is more inhabited than the other one that only has a door to the main corridor and a porch to the plantation area. See the grading difference between the narrow public corridor and the plantation level on the right that even needed a step to be built.

Since irrigation system is by flooding, the palm trees have a small sand basin to contain the water.

TechniqueBlack Indian ink
FormatA5 - 210x148cm Canson 200 gsm
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