Abu Inabah Lane house in Jeddah Al Balad, Saudi Arabia

Sketch of facade from Jeddah AlBalad in Saudi Arabia in black ink with blue watercolor
Artprint with hand painted blue watercolor of facade in Abu Inabah Lane, Jeddah AlBalad. Also available green, turquoise or black and white.

Simple clean sketches show the beautiful facades based on simplicity and spontaneity. There are four different facades available in our collection and they can be bespoke colored.

Ideal as a farewell present or masalama gift for colleagues, give away to visitors or presents for family and friends abroad or inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Drawing sketch watercolor of Jeddah AlBalad facade in Saudi Arabia Indian ink and turquoise color mashrabiyah
Watercolor painted black ink art work façade in Abu Inabah Lane in Jeddah AlBalad, Saudi Arabia. By Jaimesan.
Easy to frame with IKEA Hovsta 30x40cm
Jeddah Facade framed Saudia
Abu Inabah Lane building print Saudia gift
Abu Inabah Lane building sketch with green watercolor hand painted mashrabiyah.
Original black ink sketch, available for coloring and personalizing.
Mug and travel mug with Jeddah AlBalad design Saudi Arabia
Mugs and travel mugs printed with Jeddah AlBalad theme available here.

Abu Inabah Lane house

A black ink sketch reproduced by giclée art quality printing technique and hand painted with watercolors in the typical Al Balad colors: blue, turquoise, green and brown.

This house in Abu Inabah Lane is one of the most humble buildings in Jeddah AlBalad neighborhood. The building is relatively small in the neighborhood but it has a fantastic continuous mashrabiyah on first and second floors and even a wooden enclosure at roof level for outdoor sitting.

Format 28.5x38.5 cm 308 gr/m2 Hahnemühle Paper Giclée copies, hand painted watercolors
Original techniqueOriginal in black ink. Giclée copies. Winsor&Newton watercolors

Jeddah is the traditional harbor town in Saudi Arabia where millions of pilgrims and sailors have come and gone for their Hajj trips and for the lively business activity. The neighborhood of Al Balad is remarkable for the size and quality of its buildings in comparison with the relatively humble architecture of the nearby coastal regions in Saudi Arabia. There is a whole neighborhood between preserved and forgotten that still keeps its commercial life at ground level and slowly gets renovated on the upper floors. These UNESCO World Heritage constructions are made of coral stones, wood and plaster.

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