“Souq AlJami house” art print from Jeddah AlBalad Saudi Arabia


Art print of a black ink sketch of this building in Souq AlJami in Jeddah AlBalad, with mashrabiyah and doors hand painted with watercolors.

Choose from 4 different colors or pick the black and white sketch art print.

Black and white art print with hand painted watercolors

Format: 28.5×38.5 cm 308 gr/m2 Hahnemühle Paper Giclée copy, hand painted watercolors

Technique: Original in black ink. Giclée copies. Winsor&Newton watercolors.

Ref. no.: 201907

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Jeddah is the traditional harbor town in Saudi Arabia where millions of pilgrims and sailors have come and gone for their Hajj trips and for the lively business activity. The neighborhood of Al Balad is remarkable for the size and quality of its buildings in comparison with the relatively humble architecture of the nearby regions in Saudi Arabia. There is a whole neighborhood between preserved and forgotten that still keeps its commercial life at ground level and slowly gets renovated on the upper floors. These UNESCO World Heritage constructions are made of coral stones, wood and plaster.

Easy to frame with standard frames like IKEA HOVSTA 30x40cm.

frame with artwork on wood easel in front of pink sofa showing facade of Jeddah AlBalad Saudi Arabia
Framed facade of Jeddah Al Balad, Saudi Arabia, at home.
Black ink and watercolor. IKEA standard frame.

Blue, Green, Turquoise, Black&White


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